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Free Lesson: Drawing a Portrait

Posted by Koosje Koene in ArtJournal, sketchbook on April 13, 2019

My mind has been set on drawing people lately.

I may have been obsessing over drawing people; not sure. You judge by the previous blogposts and my Instagram posts.

This week, I’ve been participating in the One Week 100 People challenge. That made me focus on drawing people even more! To keep up with the challenge of drawing an average of 20 people each day from Monday to Friday, I had to also draw from TV, videos and Photos on Internet – something I rarely do. It was a fun experience! And it sure warmed me up for the new Sketchbook Skool Kourse People Drawing People, which starts this Monday!

I told you about creating this kourse in a previous post:

Peek behind the scenes – on set and beyond!

And proudly presented the trailer for the kourse in this one a couple of weeks ago:

People Drawing People!

And I have some more fun stuff to share!

Here’s a free sneak peek!

You can watch Vin Ganapathy, one of our seven People Drawing People fakulty, as he draws a live model in just ten minutes. In this narrated drawing demonstration, you can follow along, seeing his unique approach to starting the portrait and then creating volume, tone, and likeness. It’s pretty amazing to see – it’s a masterklass for everyone!
And this is just one of the 50 videos in the 5-week kourse!

The details:

– People Drawing People starts Monday, April 15
– 5 weeks long, 7 teachers!
– More than 50 high quality videos
– Live models on video to draw from
– $149 but we also offer 4 monthly payments for $38.
– Sign up HERE

Koosje Koene

Hi I'm Koosje. I'm an illustrator and art teacher in Amsterdam, where I was born and raised. I went to school to study graphic design, then worked for ten years as an award-winning professional photographer. But eventually my love of drawing and painting took over and I became an illustrator. My illustrations have been published in many Dutch magazines and in 2011, I began blogging and started developing and teaching online art classes. In 2014 I founded Sketchbook Skool, which is a flourishing community of artists from around the world of all skill levels.