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Drawing makes you see better

Posted by Koosje Koene in ArtJournal, Draw Tip, sketchbook on March 1, 2018

I just came back from an awesome weekend in Sevilla. I still need to scan all the drawings I made there, so I can share them here on the blog.

I just want to remind you that when you are drawing, you see SO much more!

Traveling makes you want to explore, it opens your eyes to new things, it makes you curious. And then you travel with a sketchbook as a travel companion, you will discover even more.

When you draw, you’re looking back and forth from your drawing to your view, all the time. You take your time to really see the view, subject or thing you’re trying to capture in your sketchbook. You will notice so many details, shadows, and colors, that you hadn’t seen at first glance. And the great thing is, YOU decide which of those things you include in your drawing, and what you can leave out.

Seeing in Sketchbook Skool

In Sketchbook Skool, the Kourse ‘Seeing’ is back again. It’s the second Kourse we made in Sketchbook Skool, and it’s still a fantastic kourse with so much great content, so many different approaches towards sketchbook keeping and seeing.Here’s the trailer for the kourse. I hope you will sign up because, with this kourse, you will start seeing the world in a whole new way!

See you in klass!


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