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Hi there, thank you for visiting!
In case you want to contact me for commissioned work shoot me an email! ( If you have a questions please check out our handy FAQs section below! I answer everything from “when is my next class” to “where did you buy that cool, tiny watercolor box.” And if your question is different, then shoot me an email.

I don’t. But please have a look at the online classes you can find here on the website or on

The classes you’ll find on this website are ‘on demand’ it means class begins when you decide to enroll.
For class schedule in Sketchbook Skool, check out the calendar on

Not really. A LOT can be done with just simple paper and a pen, so you don’t need to go and buy or order all sorts of art supplies, you can start right away. You can start out with a simple ballpoint pen, a pencil, a basic set of color pencils, and if you’d like to add your favourite art materials like watercolors or markers, you can use them all.

I add requests and ideas on my DTT list, if I can explain things within the 2-4 minute video format, that is. Just send me an email, reply to a blogged Draw Tip Tuesday or leave a comment below one of the Draw Tip Tuesday videos on YouTube.

It’s a vintage Windsor and Newton. But you can’t buy it anywhere because they don’t make these anymore. It’s very precious to me as it used to belong to my grandfather who was a painter and an artist.

I fill my watercolour box with watercolours from tubes. Currently in my box is Van Gogh (by the brand Talens) paint:
basic yellow
yellow ochre
hooker green
sap green
ultramarine deep
cerulean blue
vandyke brown
burnt umber
burnt sienna
permanent red
permanent red violet

I’ll suddenly fall in love with a pen and then it’ll be the favorite of the month or year.
I like to use fountain pens. You can choose what ink to fill them with and you don’t need to throw them away as they never run out. Right now I use a twsbi fountain pen. It has a piston system rather than cardridges so it keeps way more ink and the flow of the nib is smooth and luscious. But I also love my Lamy safari pens (nib sizes b and m) and my Lamy Joy. The bent nib of the sailor fountain pen allows a more loose and bold style which I really enjoy too. All these pens are very affordable too.
Another pen with waterresistant ink I love using is the rollerball pen (size: ‘fine’) by uniball. Very reliable and a wonderful constant flow of ink!

Good for you! You can take up a theme for some time (for example draw a selfie every day, draw a meal a day, draw a book cover every day, draw your feet…), join a free 30-day or 365 sketch challenge on social media (like #sbsadrawingaday in Sketchbook Skool). Stick to it for at least one month – do it religiously each day. That will get you into the habit. You’ll find out about favorites and ‘go-tos’, and you will get new ideas. One thing will bring you to another once the creative juices start flowing by just DOING it.