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Travel Journaling – part 2 of 4

Posted by Koosje Koene in ArtJournal, sketchbook on January 11, 2018

Traveling: exploring food and watching people


Yesterday I shared some cafe sketches from recent travels.
Let’s not forget something else that is such an important part of a travel experience: the food!

My most recent trip was to Madrid. Well, in Spain food is very important. It’s all about sharing meals with family and friends. In Madrid, there are a lot of gastronomic markets that are also favorite hangouts to come together and share food and drinks.

Here’s a quick page I did while trying some interesting local dishes with my husband on the day of our arrival to Madrid.

I used a brush pen, and watercolors.

Later that week I went back to the market on my own to observe and sketch people.

I spent some time next to the popular croquetas stand to fill a page with quick faces of the people waiting in line and trying to decide which croquetas to order (Jamon? Queso? Boquerones?):

I overworked the last one that I did while sipping cortados at the coffee and pastry corner (maybe I overcaffeinated myself, ha!), but it actually resulted in a great conversation with a guy who turned out to be a chef and a sketcher and who was interested to see my sketchbook and we talked about drawing:


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