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Tag: watercolour

Draw Tip Tuesday – Drawing People who move!

Welcome to Draw Tip Tuesday! This week I'm showing you a technique that I am still learning myself. In the video you can actually see the difference between the first…

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Draw Tip Tuesday – Watercolor Creatures!

Welcome to Draw Tip Tuesday! It's amazing how a 15-second watercolor painting can become a surprising creature: Want more videos? Click here to subscribe to my Youtube Channel!

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Draw Tip Tuesday: color outlines

Welcome To Draw Tip Tuesday! I really like working with pen, but today I want to experiment with a different color outline than those black inky lines. So for today’s…

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A Sketchbooking Retreat – Part 1

We’re never too old to learn In fact, as an artist, you have an obligation towards yourself to keep learning so you can keep developing your art, your style, your…

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Draw Tip Tuesday – Dare To be Bold

Welcome to Draw Tip Tuesday! Today we’re using watercolours. Let's get bold and splash around those juicy paints! Go on and make a quick drawing and apply those layers…

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Draw Tip Tuesday – Fancy Watercolor Swatches

Welcome to Draw Tip Tuesday! Today I have a fun exercise for you, to get to know your watercolors a bit more. You can make simple color swatches to test…

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TDAC pea soup

A few weeks ago I didn't feel like doing any groceries so I just went through the kitchen drawers, kitchen closets, freezer and fridge, and even my balcony (that's where…

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