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New Illustrated Recipe!

Dinner time! I made my own version of a beetroot salad recipe I found in a Dutch magazine. Took out raisins and sugar and added more sour and green. I've…

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Illustrating food

Every now and so often, I just HAVE to draw what's for dinner. Sometimes I illustrate the recipe of what I ate that day. I may take it outside of…

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ice coffee, thai style, posted on

This is the recipe for thai Ice coffe that you can buy at street stalls in thailand. Still, it doesn't taste the same when you make it at home, but…

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6 recipes by TDAC Favorite Koosje Koene!!

Today 6 recipe-illustrations made by me are posted in the Featured Collection on They Draw & Cook The collection will be featured from June 18 to June 21. After that,…

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TDAC pea soup

A few weeks ago I didn't feel like doing any groceries so I just went through the kitchen drawers, kitchen closets, freezer and fridge, and even my balcony (that's where…

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meatloaf recipe

I'm so happy to see that just a few minutes after finishing and submitting my illuistration, it was already accepted by Salli and posted on

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Tuscan Spaghetti

Today's recipe for This is an old time favourite of mine, so it only seems fair to submit a drawn recipe for it.    

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