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Fascinated By The Living Room

Posted by Koosje Koene in Uncategorized on March 9, 2017

Even when you see some things every day, doesn’t mean they aren’t interesting anymore.
When I look around the living room, I see many things that have’t been changed for year. That funny little vase I got for my birthday a couple of years ago, the lamp I bought in a second hand shop, the fruit bowl, at the buffet…
I could dismiss all these daily things as mundane and common, but as soon as I start drawing them, they become interesting.

I’ll try a different technique or another angle. Use colours or a different kind of paint than I’m used to. I’ll practice my hatching.


And even though the living room isn’t changing much over time, the way I draw it is very different every time. That keeps it so interesting and fun! Try it. Pick a corner in the living room, or a particular object. Draw a few days in a row. Draw it from different angles, using a different tool each time. Draw it in just a few scribbly lines to capture its essence, or take your time to study the shape and shades.
You’ll discover a whole new fascination and appreciation for the things around you!

Koosje Koene

Hi I'm Koosje. I'm an illustrator and art teacher in Amsterdam, where I was born and raised. I went to school to study graphic design, then worked for ten years as an award-winning professional photographer. But eventually my love of drawing and painting took over and I became an illustrator. My illustrations have been published in many Dutch magazines and in 2011, I began blogging and started developing and teaching online art classes. In 2014 I founded Sketchbook Skool, which is a flourishing community of artists from around the world of all skill levels.