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Draw Tip Tuesday: Watercolor Trick… a-ha moment

Posted by Koosje Koene in Draw Tip, Draw Tip Tuesday, sketchbook on March 24, 2020

Welcome to Draw Tip Tuesday!

Now that a lot of us have to stay at home, let’s make the best use of our time, and our art supplies.
Watercolors are so great to quickly add color to your drawings.

If you have been adding too much paint, the watercolors muddy up. I’m sure you’ve had this happen, just like I have. More than once. No reason to panic and think you’ve ruined your drawing… there’s a trick to fix this!

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Live Drawing sessions:

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Koosje Koene

Hi I'm Koosje. I'm an illustrator and art teacher in Amsterdam, where I was born and raised. I went to school to study graphic design, then worked for ten years as an award-winning professional photographer. But eventually my love of drawing and painting took over and I became an illustrator. My illustrations have been published in many Dutch magazines and in 2011, I began blogging and started developing and teaching online art classes. In 2014 I founded Sketchbook Skool, which is a flourishing community of artists from around the world of all skill levels.