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A Beautiful Idea

Posted by Koosje Koene in Draw Tip on March 5, 2018

A quick bit of Monday Inspiration:

My friend Rob Jelinski (who is a fantastic designer, and a branding expert too!) is releasing an open source font today. The font is based on his mom’s penmanship. His mom, Beth Ellen, unfortunately passed away exactly one year ago today. 

This typeface was purposed for giving, so it is free to use for personal or commercial projects under the open source license. Rob would love you to help the legacy of Beth Ellen live on by sending a short note to someone you love each time it is used. Tell them you love them, encourage them to be their best, or send them a scripture verse.

I think this is a beautiful idea. In so many ways. Someone’s handwriting is so personal -it’s unique and like nobody else’s. I’ve once created a font of my own handwriting, just for fun, but using the handwriting of a loved one – I never thought of that. I love the encouragement too, for writing a handwritten note regularly.

You can read Rob’s post about the font here, and download the free font here.


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